Beautiful Container Garden

Beautiful flower pot framing house entrance

10 Steps to Create a Beautiful Container Garden

1. Pick your plants and container, which must have a drainage hole at the bottom. Where you place your container – full sun, partial sun or shade – will determine what plants you can grow.

2. Cover the container hole with landscape fabric to keep the soil in and the critters out.

3. Place approximately one inch of pea gravel or small River Jacks over the landscape fabric to help drainage.

4. Fill 2/3 of the container with a good quality potting soil, such as Miracle Potting Mix.

5. Mix Soil Moist, water-grabbing crystals that absorb excess water and release it back into the soil when needed. Read the label instructions to find out how much to use for the size of your container.

6. Insert your plants. Be sure to loosen the bottom of the roots first so they’ll grow out into the soil.

container potting

7. Fill Potting Mix around the plants to within one to two inches of the top of the container. This is important! If you fill soil to the top of the container, it’ll make watering difficult. Tamp down the soil around the plants to make sure they’re secure.

8. Add Osmocote or your favorite slow-release fertilizer. If you prefer an organic alternative, We suggests replacing Osmocote with a mixture of four Espoma products – Green Sand, Rock Phosphate, Garden Gypsum and Plant-tone. Container gardens need food because they’re watered frequently and nutrients wash out of the soil.

9. Top with small gravel – the same kind you put over the landscape fabric – to keep out squirrels and hold the soil in the container when watering.

10. Water gently but thoroughly until all the soil in the container is completely wet.