Container Garden Design

It’s no wonder container gardens are continuing to grow in popularity. They’re fun, easy and versatile. We carry a wide array of beautiful annuals, perennials, shrubs – even trees – that’ll work wonderfully together with just the right combination of color, texture and height.

You can grow an edible container with vegetables and herbs. A miniature garden combining dwarf and small plants with adorable fairies and accents for a charming scene. Or a water garden with aquatic plants and a bubbler for a soothing ambience. The possibilities are endless.

If you need help, our experts are always available and eager to answer all your questions.

Where you place the container – full sun, partial sun, shade – will determine what plants you can grow.

Container gardens can be the centerpiece of your outdoor living space or serve as an accent. No room left in the garden for those gorgeous, new “must-have” plants? Try a container garden.

What’s wonderful about container gardens is that the containers themselves are stylish. They can add a special look and feel, just like your favorite flowers and foliage. We carry a tremendous selection of hanging baskets, pots, urns, wall planters, window boxes and much more in all sizes, shapes and colors.

If you prefer, we’ll do the planting for you. Just pick out your flowers and pot and we’ll put it together for a nominal fee. We also have many container gardens on display and available for purchase.