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Dragonfly Farms stocks all the lawn and garden products you’ll need to get your landscape in shape. Visit us today and check out our large assortment of quality products, including:

Our Plants:

  • 1 annuals_1Annuals – Whether you’re a gardener with a green thumb or a beginner, annuals are a must-have for their vivid and long-lasting color. New gardeners find annuals fun and easy to grow, making them a springboard to working with a wider range of plants. Children are attracted to the crayola hues of annuals.
  • 2 houseplants_2Houseplants – Houseplants are a wonderful way to add warmth and color to your home and office. And there’s a growing trend to bring tropical plants outdoors during the summer to create your own tropical paradise.
  • 3 perennial_2-199x300Perennials – Perennials give us a thrilling show of brilliant blooms for a couple of weeks to a couple of months during the season. When their flowers fade, their foliage continues to contribute color, texture and interest to the garden.
  • 4 shrubs_1Shrubs – Shrubs enhance your landscape with color and texture. Blooming shrubs add color from early spring, spring, summer, and fall. Many varieties are continuous bloomers or rebloomers. Colorful foliage is another great option to consider in landscape design. Evergreens, berries, and brightly colored twigs bring color and texture into the winter months.
  • 5 trees_1Trees – Trees greatly enhance a landscape, and help to define it. They probably impact our property more than any other plant. At Dragonfly Farms Garden Center, we carry a magnificent selection of trees – nearly 100 varieties.
  • 6 vegetables_and_herbs-2-300x190Vegetables & Herbs – If you’ve never grown an edible garden, we urge you to try it. Believe us – there’s nothing quite like the mouthwatering taste of fresh vegetables and fragrant herbs that were grown in your own garden.


  • 7 LawnGardenPic1-450wLawn & Garden -Whether you have a cozy, townhouse lot or a five-acre spread, Dragonfly Farms Garden stocks all the lawn and garden products you’ll need to get your landscape in shape.
  • 8 statues_and_fountains_3-179x300Statues & Fountains – A statue or fountain can make any garden shine. Dragonfly Farms Garden Center has statuary to enhance everything from the smallest to the most elaborate gardens.
  • 9 885029_509746579066471_1725185772_o-225x300Bird Feeding – Watching cardinals, bluebirds, wrens, sparrows and other beautiful birds is a fun way to enjoy your garden.
    At Dragonfly Garden Center, we carry a wide array of bird seed, feeders, houses and other supplies.
  • 10 gardening1Children’s Gardening – Gardening is a great family activity that brings generations together. Dragonfly Garden Center offers a large selection of fun gardening products to inspire those with smaller green thumbs


  • 12 pottedplants190wContainer Garden Design – It’s no wonder container gardens are continuing to grow in popularity. They’re fun, easy and versatile. We carry a wide array of beautiful annuals, perennials, shrubs – even trees – that’ll work wonderfully together with just the right combination of color, texture and height.
  • 11 pottingsupplies190wSpring & Fall Clean Up -Dragonfly Farms is now offering Spring and Fall Clean Up Services: Mulching, Edging, Pruning & Raking Leaves. Call us to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate!