From towering oaks to the delightful dogwoods and stylish Japanese maples, trees serve us in many ways. It somehow “fits in”, even if placed in the background, it gives our yard that finished look. Their leafy crowns dazzle us in spring and fall with spectacular bursts of color. During our sizzling summers, they shade and protect us. And, even in the desolation of winter, their sculpted branches are both artistic and inspiring when framed against the stark sky.

Trees greatly enhance a landscape, and help to define it. They probably impact our property more than any other plant.

At Dragonfly Farms Garden Center, we carry a magnificent selection of trees – nearly 100 varieties.

Listed below are some of the more popular varieties that we typically stock during the season. However, due to various reasons, we may not have every variety at all times. To make sure that we have the exact variety you’re looking for in stock, please call us.

Japanese Maple
Red Maple
Blue Atlas Cedar
Japanese Zelkova
Southern Magnolia
Northern Red Oak
Japanese / Korean Dogwood
Rutgers Hybrid Dogwoods
Columnar European Hornbeam
Leyland Cypress
Spring Blooming Magnolias
Japanese Ornamental Cherries
Crape Myrtles
Japanese Snowbell
White Pine
River Birch
Acer palmatum
Acer rubrum Varieties
Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca’
Zelkova serrata Varieties
Magnolia grandiflora
Quercus rubra
Cercis species and varieties
Cornus kousa
Cornus X Rutgers
Carpinus betulus Varieties
X Cupressocyparis Leylandii
Cryptomeria Japonica
Magnolia Species & Varieties
Prunus Species & Varieties
Stewartia Species
Styrax japonica
Pinus Strobus
Amelanchier Species & Varieties
Betula nigra Varieties
Ilex Species & Varieties
Beautiful Specimen
Fast, Reliable, Red in Fall
Unique Evergreen with Blue Needles
Fast, Reliable, Vase Shape
Evergreen, Specimen, Large White Flower
Fastest Oak, Red Fall Color, Deep Roots
Beautiful flowers in early spring
Disease & Insect Resistant, Flower, Bark
Five Varieties, Disease & Insect Resistant
Columnar Form, Popular for Screens
Evergreen, Very Fast, Dense Screen
Evergreen, Upright, Beautiful Texture
Yellow, Pink or White Blooming
Spectacular Spring Bloom, Many Varieties
Fabulous Bark, Spring Flower, Red in Fall
Long Blooming in Summer, Many colors
Small Tree, White Flower in Spring
Fast, Tall, Broad, Evergreen Screen
Native, Edible Blue Berry, White Flowers
Fast, Beautiful Peeling Bark
Evergreen, Glossy Leaf, Berries